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Dr Laura Power and Dr. Richard Power hold two copyright certificates on this work, which date to 1982.

1982: Laura Power & Richard Power, Copyright Certificate: “Metabolic Typing, Professional Nutrition Seminar (a manual).” [Manual on endocrine glands and nutrients.]

1988: Laura Power & Richard Power, Copyright Certificate: “Biotyping, Professional Nutrition Seminar.” [Manual on endocrine glands and nutrients.]

Research Summary

The 8 Biotypes is a unique work by three professional scientists, Laura Power PhD, Dario Nardi PhD, and Richard Power PhD. It is the culmination of 22 years of original research and clinical experience into human biological types by Laura Power and Richard Power. Each of the 8 endocrine glands has been researched in detail. The known effects of the hormones on body shape, metabolism, toxemia and behavior are organized into “types.” Theories of evolutionary adaptation were developed to account for the origin of each gland type. Detailed measurements were taken on hundreds of subjects to describe exact physical and metabolic characteristics, which were then subjected to statistical analysis. Interviews were conducted on these subjects to verify behavior, metabolic and toxemia patterns. The scientific literature is the foundation for determining the nutrient needs of each endocrine gland and each hormone; these were then matched to therapeutic foods that contain those nutrients. Dario Nardi applied a computational biological model to the project and Drs. Power organize and present the research.

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