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We are dedicated to research, teaching and service in human biological types.

Board of Directors:

Laura Power, M.S., Ph.D., L.N.
President, and Director of Research

Dario Nardi, Ph.D.
Vice-President, and Director of Publications

Richard Power, Ph.D., L.N.
Director of Training and Seminars

Solaris Power, B.A.
Director of Human Resources

Laura Power, MS, PhD., L.N.
Where: Falls Church, Virginia
Phone: (703) 538-4161
Website: www.laurapower.com
Email: dr.power@verizon.net

Dr. Laura Power is a research scientist, licensed clinical nutritionist, and lecturer who has spent 20 years measuring and identifying human biological types. Through her Biotype Research Corporation, she has conducted two major research studies. The first identifies 8 Biotypes based on hormone patterns, body types and nutrition. The second identifies 5 Biotype Diets™ based on blood types and food allergies. She holds numerous copyrights, trademarks, and has a patent pending.

Dr. Power conducted the only known research measuring and correlating 8 dominant endocrine gland types with physical, mental, emotional, metabolic, nutritional and evolutionary characteristics in a 20-year study. The 8 Biotypes has been presented at various seminars over the years, for both the public and professionals to enthusiastic audiences, and is copyrighted in her seminar manuals.

She holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Sciences (nutritional biochemistry) from the University of Maryland, and a doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition (holistic) from International University. She has studied Immunology, Allergy, and Epidemiology at the National Institutes of Health Graduate School (FAES). She is a “Licensed Nutritionist” in Maryland. She is a member of the Maryland Nutritionists Association and the American College of Nutrition. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Southern California, and has studied at the Writer’s Center in Maryland.

Dr. Power also directs the Allergy & Nutrition Clinic in Falls Church, Virginia. There she specializes in nutritional biochemistry, food allergies, autoimmune conditions, inflammatory diseases, developmental delays in children, endocrine conditions and neurological disorders.

Dr. Power has lectured to both public and professionals, and on radio and television. These include many professional seminars, radio shows, 7 television interviews, Georgetown University Medical School lecture, and a lecture-tour to Australia. Videos are available of her TV interviews. She is acquainted with many leading physicians, nutritionists, and authors.

For more information about Dr. Power please visit www.LauraPower.com.

Dario Nardi, PhD.
Where: West Hollywood, California
Phone: (323) 650-1251
Website: www.darionardi.com
Email: dnardi@math.ucla.edu

Dario Nardi, PhD, the supporting author, is a professor at University of California at Los Angeles. He is also a published author and a public lecturer. He brings his existing loyal readership, a venue for giving workshops nationwide, and expertise in the latest research methods.

At UCLA, Professor Nardi teaches in four departments: Anthropology, the Honors program, Human Complex Systems and Program in Computing. His PhD is in Systems Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Southern California. In his classes, he has used small portions of The 8 Biotypes with undergraduate liberal arts students and has found great success and strong interest. His average course rating from UCLA students over 6 years is an exceptional 8.4 out of 9 stars.

Among various research projects, Professor Nardi has created a computer model of the body’s hormone system. The computer model captures various hormone effects on body shape, metabolism, toxemia and personality. It helps validate Dr. Power’s theory of The Eight Biotypes. He is currently creating an interactive webpage that allows users to enter vital statistics and get back a computer-generated biotype profile. This will provide a tremendous promotional tool to coincide with publication of 8 biotypes since everyone who obtains a profile will need the information in the book to improve their health.

Professor Nardi is certified in psychological testing and is a research faculty member with the Temperament Research Institute (TRI, www.tri-network.com) in Huntington Beach, CA since 1993. TRI, led by marriage and family therapist Linda V. Berens, does organizational consulting. Professor Nardi gives workshops on topics related to personality, helping people discover the commonalities and differences that make a difference. His most recent public lectures are in Los Angeles September 2003 and in Toronto July 2004. Professor Nardi is also one of six Coordinators for the internationally situated Association of Psychological Type.

Professor Nardi has published four well-rated and successful works with Telos Publications, a small publisher for organizational psychology and human resources. His most popular work, The 16 Personality Type: Descriptions for Self-Discovery, with co-author Linda Berens, has sold over 30,000 copies. His solo-authored 132 page booklet, Personality and Multiple Intelligences, continues his average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Other works include: Character and Personality Type: Discovering Your Uniqueness for Career and Relationship Success, and the instant hit, Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations. The popularity of these works demonstrate his ability to convey complex ideas in a captivating way. Each year, Professor Nardi also writes a minimum of four to five popular articles for lay-readers and for professional users of personality theories. A recent short article on hormones and personality has already generated positive responses from his readers. Professor Nardi provides expertise about the ways that the endocrine system affects emotions and personality.

For more information about Professor Nardi, please visit www.DarioNardi.com.

Richard Power, PhD., L.N.
Where: Bethesda, Maryland
Phone: (301) 493-4800
Email: rtpower@patriot.net

Dr. Richard Power is a Licensed Nutritionist by the state of Maryland. He has used the 8 Biotypes system in his practice with thousands of patients since 1979, providing patients with key practical advice for strengthing recessive glands and building off of strengths. He develops a profile of each patient and offers nutrients, gladulars and various life style changes to achieve maximum wellness.

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