The Biotype System: 8 Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs for Optimal Health & Longevity
by Laura Power, PhD and Dario Nardi, PhD
Target publication date fall 2011.

Book Concept

We all want optimal physical and psychological well-being. But none of us is perfect or even balanced. Each of us is unique, with particular assets and strengths, but also specific weaknesses that cause health problems. The Biotype System describes 8 physical and behavioral types based on hormone differences. These differences affect all systems of the body, our appearance and our emotions. This book will help readers to understand their personal hormone pattern – and provide strategies for balancing and re-energizing the body, mind, emotions, and total health.

Millions of people are concerned about hormones, and many already take estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, melatonin, HGH and other hormones. Their importance cannot be overstated. Readers will learn what's safe and when, and what's not.

The first 5 chapters introduce you to the endocrine system, the history of biotyping, and 2 sections with detailed check lists and snapshots to determine your biotype profile.

Eight comprehensive chapters (Chapters 6 through 14) take you in-depth for each biotype, including: the big picture, five gland patterns, health advice, gland biology and recessive glands. You will find a snapshot, illustrations and 2 illuminating and amusing character sketches convey the essential qualities and show how two people with the same dominant gland can still vary considerably when they are affected by differing health habits, environment and upbringing. You will findall the practical ins-and-outs related to your dominant gland(s).

  • Health Risks (what to watch for before it’s too late!)
  • Therapies (exercise, detoxification regimes, and other lifestyles suggestions)
  • Optimal Foods & Supplements
Readers will also discover the pitfalls of their recessive glands and learn to balance deficiencies with hormone-boosting nutrients, exercise, and life-style change.

Health advice should be based on known scientific facts and principles. Some books are written to respond to fads; are based on anecdotal experiences, sometimes of only one person; or rely on research that is long outdated. Readers such as health professionals who require solid documentation will find 5 to 7 pages at the end of each biotype providing details that explain the known structure and function of each gland, detail important gland and hormone variations.

Nutritional biochemist Laura Power Ph.D., and UCLA professor Dario Nardi Ph.D., provide the latest scientific information on hormones, health and behavior, and present 8 unique types verified by 20 years of original research and copyrights. They provide handy checklists, illustrations and descriptions to identify each type. The greatest benefit goes beyond discovering how and why we are different, to learning tools to heal and balance ourselves, as well as optimizing energy, enhancing relationships and greatly improving our quality of life.

The 5 Biotype Diets: For Allergy & Disease Prevention, Optimum Health & Weight Control
by Laura Power, PhD
Target publication date fall 2010.

Book Concept

We are all genetically unique, and thus thrive on different diets. 5 Biotype Diets™ offers the first scientific proof correlating specific diets to five biological types. This benefits all ages, by preventing food allergies and inflammatory diseases, and promoting optimum health and weight control. Dr. Power employs blood types, a popular recent concept in diet-typing, because they are genetic markers throughout the body. However, she offers a unique approach using six new concepts:

  • 5 ABO blood types (A1, A2, B, O, AB).
  • 4 Subtypes, based on sex and Rh pos or neg.
Correlated to:
  • 4 Kinds of food allergies (immediate and delayed) for each type.
  • 5 Evolutionary Diet Zones, which form a geographic pattern called The Diet Compass™.
  • 5 Food-borne bacteria patterns.
  • 5 Optimal calorie ratios.

Dr. Laura Power is a respected nutritional biochemist, food allergy researcher, clinician and lecturer. Based on 20 years of rigorous original research (validated by publications, copyrights, and scientific endorsements), she has arrived at dramatically different conclusions than other diet books, whose diets often lack scientific support. 5 Biotype Diets™ provides five accurate, precise and comprehensive diets, clearly presented, with lists, menus, case histories, and research tables and graphs. It is the next quantum leap in diet.

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