Where to Get Your Blood Typed

You may already have had your blood type taken, and have it on file somewhere.

  • Red Cross: Anyone who has donated blood is given a Red Cross Card with their blood type.
  • Hospital: Anyone who has had surgery usually has had their blood type placed in their hospital file.
  • Birth Records: Infants are often typed at birth.
  • Obstetrician: Women can obtain their blood type from their obstetricians.
  • Military: Service members can get theirs from their military records or dog tags.
  • College Biology: Students often have theirs taken in their science classes.
  • Online Typing Kits: Several vendors offer home blood typing kits for sale online. These are done by simple finger-prick.

If you do not know your blood type, your health care provider can identify it with a simple inexpensive test. You can also purchase a blood type kit at many health food stores. If you are blood type A or AB, and cannot determine your A1-A2 sub-type immediately, then use the A2 diet if you are intolerant of wheat or gluten. Otherwise use the type A1 diet.

For Health Professionals

This is for licensed physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, nurses, nutritionists and naturopaths.

  • Lab Typing: You can order blood type tests from any major corporate laboratory, including ABO, Rh, and A1. Available at Lab Corp and Quest.
  • ABO Typing Supplies: If you wish to type blood in your office, it is a simple and inexpensive procedure. You will need: reagents for ABO + Rh, A1, sterile alcohol swabs, lancets, blood typing cards, mixing sticks, sterile gloves, and bandaids. You can purchase all of these blood typing supplies inexpensively from Carolina Biological Supply (800-334-5551), except the A1 reagents.
  • A1-A2 Typing Supplies: Reagents for type A1 are available from EY Laboratories (800-821-0044) or Immucor (800-829-2553).

Where to Get Biotype Diet Software:

A computer program — Food Pharmacy Diet Therapy Software — is available to health care professionals by David Vaughn, CCN, at www.FoodPharmacy.com. This software has licensed my research, and evaluates diet based on ABO. Plus it evaluates foods for allergies, nutrient needs related to diseases, calorie ratios, and many other factors.

Where to Get Allergy Testing

Commonwealth Medical Labs
4228 Aiken Drive
Warrenton, Virginia 20187
Fax 540-428-2904
For Types 1 & 3 testing: modified RAST IgE, ImmunoCap IgE, Elisa IgG, IgG4.

Elisa/Act Biotechnologies
PHONE: 703 450 2980 OR 1800 553 5472
For Type 4 testing: T-Cell Lymphocyte test by Elisa/Act

Meridian Valley Laboratory
801 SW 16th Suite 126,
Renton, WA. 98055
Phone: (425) 271-8689
Fax: (425) 271-8674
For Type 1 testing: IgE & IgG4 (IgG4 measures effectiveness of immuno-therapy)

Immuno Laboratories, Inc.
6801 Powerline Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Phone: 954.691.2500 or 800.231.9197
Type 1 & 3 Testing for IgE and IgG antibodies.

Immunosciences Laboratory
8693 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Tel: (310) 657-1077
(800) 950-4686
Fax: (310) 657-1053
For Types 1 & 3 testing: IgE, IgG, IgA

York Nutritional Laboratories
2700 North 29th Ave.
Suite # 205
Hollywood, Florida 33020
Toll Free: 888.751.3388
Tel: 954.920.3728
Fax: 954.920.3729
For types 1 & 3 testing: IgE & IgG

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